Dr. Carolyn Tuffner Lolli DDS., BHsc. (Dentist)

Dr. Lolli graduated from the University of Toronto and receieved her Doctor of Dental Surgery (Hons)degree after attending the University of Western Ontario where she obtained a Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) degree. Since she grew up in Caledonia there was no hesitation when Dr. Fox asked her to join his practice. Dr. Lolli began working alongside Dr. Fox as his associate and several years later purchased the practice from him and they continue to provide dental services to residents of Caledonia and surrounding areas.

Dr. Lolli has a gentle approach and enjoys helping her patients in many ways- whether it be resolving pain, giving different treatment options, improving your smile or helping to keep you calm during your dental appointment. She enjoys treating patients of all ages including kids!

Dr. Lolli belongs to several dental organizations including the Royal College Of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the Canadian Dental Association, the Ontario Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Hamilton Academy of Dentistry, the Comprehensive Dental Study Club of Hamilton and Niagara, the Glogauer Taylor Study Club and others. She has a strong dedication to updating her knowledge to be able to provide current evidence based treatments to her patients and has taken hundreds of hour of contuniung dental education in various aspects including esthetic dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, sedation, medical/dental emergencies, endodontics, occlusion therapy, and preventive dentistry just to name a few.

And since Dr. Lolli is from Caledonia, she has a strong belief in giving back to the community where she grew up. Each year since owning the practice, she has participated in or donated to several of Caledonia's oranizations. See our Community Involvement page to have a look at some of the organizations Dr. Lolli and the staff at Caledonia Family Dental Clinic have helped out!
After hours, Dr. Lolli and her husband Dave are usually spending time with their two daughters, Amelia and Delilah. They often go hiking with Pasquale- their third child- a determined Boston Terrier. And given the chance, you're likely to find Dr. Lolli going for a run, in a yoga class or hitting the slopes!

Dr. Richard Fox DDS., BSc. (Dentist)

Dr. Lorne Bando DDS., BSc. (Dentist)

Dr. Mary Anne New DDS., BSc. (Dentist)

Dr. New is a general dentist who comes to our office each month and performs oral surgery procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions with the option of IV sedation.